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Insurance Without Limits

Updated: May 22, 2020

"Global Benefits Georgia" is an innovative risk management and insurance company in the Georgian insurance market, offering the customers international standard service and the insurance products that exactly meet their needs and demands.

Global Benefits Georgia is the first exclusive representative and partner branch of American insurance company Global Benefits Group (GBG) in Georgia.

According to the 2018 data of the Insurance State Supervision Service of Georgia, the company "Benefits" is the unconditional leader of the insurance market in terms of received reinsurance.

Operation of the insurance market without reinsurance is unimaginable. Accordingly, "Benefits" is the initiator company that offers local insurance companies a full reinsurance service.

The insurance company "Benefits" has opened a new service center that is compatible with modern standards and is designed for both individual and corporate clients.

During the visit to the service center the customer receives complete information about the insurance products and services available in the company.

Our new address is: G. Chanturia st.N5, Tbilisi.

"Benefits" is the first insurance company that has developed special insurance package for taxi drivers of hybrid vehicles registered in Taxify.

The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed Taxify within the framework of social campaign "Clean Air", which aims to encourage ecofriendly drivers and promote healthy environment in Georgia.

Within the framework of above-mentioned campaign, "Benefits" offers the customers the "green" products with unique characteristics.

The new insurance product by which our company is presented in the retail market - is the auto insurance for the owners of electric and hybrid vehicles.

During the summer campaign, all customers had the opportunity to insure the car with special conditions at a minimum price.

The insurance company "Benefits" is moving to a new stage of development and intends to implement new innovative products in the future.


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