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Forum for Women’s Economic Empowerment - Kutaisi 2019

The first part of the Forum for Women’s Economic Empowerment organized through the partnership between the Business Leaders’ Federation Women for Tomorrow and UN Women was held in Georgia’s city of Kutaisi.

The event was held through the support of the US Department of State, within the framework of Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of US Embassy.

The first panel of the regional Forum was dedicated to the discussion about the topic “Innovation for Economic Development”. The speakers of the Forum shared their knowledge and experience in terms of using innovative technologies in front of a wider audience.

The speakers of the first panel of the Forum included: the Head of Georgian Farmers’ Association - Nino Zambakhidze; Head of Innovation and Commercialization Department of Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia - Salome Khachiauri; Director of Startup Georgia – Giorgi Lomidze; Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the Ilia State University - Nana Dikhaminjia; Associate Professor of Computer Science Department of Akaki Tsereteli State University - Mikheil Kotishadze; Participants of the 2018 Millennium Innovation Contest of the Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia - Lado Godoladze and Natia Pkhakadze.

During the panel, the Q&A session was held, within the framework of which the entrepreneurs attending the Forum had the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers and consultations from the highly qualified speakers for the proper and successful development of their businesses.

The main topic of the second panel of the Forum was Women’s Economic Development – Opportunities and Challenges. The speakers of the Forum shared their knowledge and experience in this field to the attendees of the Forum. The speakers of the second panel of the Forum included: Deputy Head of Energy Policy Department of Ministry of Economy - Marita Arabidze; Head of International Relations at Administration of the Business Ombudsman of Georgia – Tamar Chakvetadze; Gender expert of USAID Agricultural Program - Shorena Dzotsenidze; TBC Bank Business Sales Coordinator - Badri Gigashvili (topic - business loans for female entrepreneurs), Founder of “Caucasus Genetics” and agro-tourism company “FIDA Georgia” – Tamar Qachashvili.

During the event, the participants received the necessary information on the possibilities for access to trainings, grants, and education for women.

The third part of the Forum was dedicated to the topic “More Women in Business”. Within the framework of the panel, the members of the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow” shared their views and ideas to the participants. Among the speakers were: the Founder of the LTD DINA – Natia Todua; Trade Marketing Manager of the Caucasian branch of Mondelez International – Sophia Tkebuchava; co-founder and Deputy Director of Social College Panacea – Maia Chikhladze; Director of Vere Gallery – Ketevan Gorgadze.

At the end of the panel, the presentation of the theme Business Packaging was made by the Executive Director of Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow” – Thea Goguadze.


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