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Supporting Women of Georgia

to Become Successful Business Leaders

Business Leaders’ Federation ‘Women for Tomorrow” implements the project “Supporting Women of Georgia to Become Successful Business Leaders” supported by the US Embassy, program “Democracy Commission Small Grants”.

The project aims to empower women and increase the number of experienced, self-confident women business leaders, what itself will eventually contribute to Georgia’s economic growth and affect socio-economic, civil and political developments in the country. This will lead to creating a level playing field in Georgia’s economy, which is one of the pillars for democratic, well-developed society. On the other hand, women business leaders having successful and positive experience will in the end demonstrate more participation in key policy developments. This means not only more democratic participation, but also meaningful engagement in key political and social events, which adds additional value to the country’s development.

Business Leaders’ Federation conducts training-seminars to promote women's economic empowerment, which means access to industrial and business funds, as well as developing business and managerial skills.

The project duration is 1 calendar year and it includes a complex cycle of training-seminars and public forums, which are carried out gradually in the following cities of Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe. The duration of each seminar is three days. As a result, the training seminars as a whole will have 240 beneficiaries.

3-day trainings will be conducted in each city; the main topics of the trainings include: General Management, PR and Marketing, and Fundraising and accessing international markets.60 female beneficiaries are trained in each city. Overall, 240 women will undergo the trainings.

The project beneficiaries are already active and potential business leaders, in particular, the groups of the women who already have or want to start their own business, are employed and want to move to a managerial position.

Age of the beneficiaries is defined from 21 to 60 years; being a local resident is mandatory.  

Each training is followed by a regional forum, where  successful business leaders invited as the speakers talk about their own experiences in front of wider audience and discuss various cases that conditioned their success. 50-80 female beneficiaries are considered for each forum.

Regional Forums for Women Business Leaders are aimed at bringing together existing and potential business women in regions, encouraging and inspiring them with positive women leadership examples and business stories, exchanging opinions and experiences, and establishing a network that will contribute to creating a community of strong and successful women including potential beneficiaries.

Within the frames of the Project, Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow” has already conducted trainings in the following cities of Georgia: Batumi and Akhaltsikhe.


Training Seminars in Akhaltsikhe


Location – Akhaltsikhe, Hotel “Lomsia”

Implementation date – 06 – 07 October, 2018


Training Seminars in Batumi

Location – Batumi, Hotel “Hilton Batumi”


Implementation date – 15 – 16 December, 2018

Training Seminars in Kutaisi

Location - Kutaisi, Hotel "Best Western Kutaisi"


Implementation Date - 23-24 February

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