Ekaterine Duchidze

Since May, 2018 Ekaterine Duchidze has served as CEO of Georgian Capital. She was a Corporate Secretary and Coordinator for Relations with Investors at BGEO Group. She spent eight years working in the World Bank group out of which 2 years were spent for working at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, OPIC Department, as the Programming Assistant. In 2005 she became a member of the Bank of Georgia personnel as the Corporate Secretary. For recent years she worked as the Assistant CEO, head of the Domestic Branding Service and engaged in the SOLO Bank and Solo Lifestyle development process.

Irina Katcharava


In 1981 Irina Katcharava was graduated from Tbilisi Vano Sarajishvili State Conservatoire with Piano specialty. In 1998 she was graduated from Davit Kakabadze Fine Arts Studio. In 1998 she started the career of a designer totally unexpectedly. As she says, her success was significantly caused by the situation when there was no way out but new ways suddenly opened, when there were no outcome but only standing still. Professionalis, refined taste, intellect, daemon and single-mindedness are the features that are required to be owned for succeeding in her field. But the features can be developed gradually, as a result of experience. She supposes the greatest success in her career was foundation of the ‘Eyestudio’ Company. The graphic design studio (laboratory) is compiled with young designers. Ms Irina is the Company Director and Founder, fulfilling all proper obligations, creating design together with young designers and providing promotion work as well. At the same time, she plans to expand her business. She desires to establish an enterprise related with her business which will recycle pulp fiction and issue recycled paper our country our country permanently lacks. As for the future life, she imagines herself as still involved in her beloved field – design and advertising business. In parallel of increasing number of designers employed in her studio she plans to expand the offered service.

Since May, 2018 Ekaterine Duchidze has served as CEO of Georgian Capital. She was a Corporate Secretary and Coordinator for Relations with Investors at BGEO Group. She spent eight years working in the World Bank group out of which 2 years were spent for working at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, OPIC Department, as the Programming Assistant. In 2005 she became a member of the Bank of Georgia personnel as the Corporate Secretary. For recent years she worked as the Assistant CEO, head of the Domestic Branding Service and engaged in the SOLO Bank and Solo Lifestyle development process.

Irina Mardakhiashvili

Irina was graduated from Ilia Chavchavadze Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. While studying at the University she worked in Georgia’s Foundation of Arts and afterwards in the Union of Designers of Georgia as the Asssistant Deputy Director. She was an English language lecturer at Tbilisi Business Institute for 3 years. Starting with the year of 1996 she worked for Jewish Agency Sokhnut South Caucasus Office for14 years (Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan) that was equalized to diplomatic organizations. During the first year she occupied the Coodinator’s work at the Jewish agency South Caucasus Office while she was the Assistant Director for the following 3 years. She spent the rest 10 years as the Administrative Director.  For recent 2 years, together with the position of an administrative director she worked as the Acting Representative of  the Transcaucasian Jewish Agency (the diplomat sent from Israel).  Starting with December 2010 (since the day of the company foundation), she works at the Gulf Oil Compny (Sun Petroleum Georgia). She headed the administrative department at Gulf that managed administrative, legal, affairs and human resources department. The Company started functioning with 15 employees and the number of employees reached 1200. At the moment Irina is the head of the Gulf administration. She, as the supervisor, focuses on creation and development of a high-standard group.

Ketevan Pavlenishvili


Ketevan Pavlenishvili is the Director of the Willis Towers Watson Georgia Company.

Willis Towers Watson represents a consultation, broker and risk-assessment company having 40 000 employees in more than 140 countries at present.

Ketevan is 28 years old. She is youngest among the leaders from the countries included in Willis.

Initially the company operated under the name of Gras Savoye. Ketevan works in the company from the first day of its incorporation.

She enjoyed several years experience of working in one of the leading local insurance companies. Ketevan has been awarded Bachelor degree in finances at Free University of Georgia.

Lika Imnadze

Lika Imnadze got higher education in Moscow. In 2009-2013 she studied International Economic Relations at Plekhanov Economic University of Russia. At the same time she was enrolled on the Jurisprudence faculty at the World Ecnomy and Informatization Institute. She was graduated from both higher education institution with honors and moved to Georgia. She lived in Russia from her childhood but hardly adapted the climate and lifestyle, therefore her motivation was low.

Having moved to Georgia she took only two days to found a job and launched successful business together with her friend as well.

She says patience and hard work are the features necessary for reaching success. Lika and her partner are entirely involved in all processes and try to get more and more information regarding all details. Lika thinks that a person should love what he/she does and this is the main thing.

One of her important achievements was that one of the well-known accessories was sold throughout Georgia. The activity lasted for 2 years and was followed by the need of transition of a new step but Lika gained great experience as a result.

At present Lika is the Mali Company Director which has just signed an agreement with the Dutch accessories firm NOOSA Amsterdam and became an official representative of the Company production in Georgia.

At the same time, Lika and her partner own a Georgian-based clothes shop and create the design by themselves. Eskizi is the shop name. Lika has great expectations for the work. She is also intensively involved in wine production.

Lika’s future plans include the start-up’s transition to new stages. Besides, as the NOOSA Amsterdam representative, she plans to disseminate the brand produt throughout Georgia.

As for Eskizi, it plans to export its production.

Maia Bibilauri

Maia Bibilauri was graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, specialy – Cybernetics and Applied Maths. She worked for the Georgian aviation for 18 years. The air company sent her to study aviation in the USA within the framework of the IATA 2-month training program.  In 2013 she passed one-year Strategic Business Management program in Sweden.In 2014 she passed MBA credits in ISB (International School of Business). The educational topics included leadership, HR management, finances, research basic course. In 2015 she attended the GROWIN Company-organized training-coaching for business. In 2018 Maia Bibilauri engaged in the dual education pilot program organized in Germany. In 2018 she also passed the SCRAM AGILE projects management method at the Management Academy. In 2006, when she passed the training program in the U.S. and returned in Georgia, the BTL Ukraine founder offered her to incorporate a company in Georgia and head it. Her career began in this totally new business that served as a significant challenge for her. She considers that her success represents a result of hard work and self-confidence. According to her a good team is of utmost significance as the team is the only one creating success. The service field totally depends on social relationships and this is why proper communication and client-oriented approach are top factors causing success and progress in the field. At present Maia Bibiluri is the Director and partner of MICE tourism company BTL. Her duties and functions include management and control of business processes, establishment of friendly team and maintenance of healthy relations as well as care for every single member of the team and working on their personal and professional development. Together with working in the hospitality field she maintains an active social position trying to intensively engage in all activities that will help the country and society and encourage growth of the number of successful people. In December 2018 she was involved in the Mentoring program with the metor role helping particular people develop their businesses. According to her the most distinguished success in her career is that her company gained a firm, steady position in the business and MICE tourism field and enjoys the status of a distinguished company. Thanks to good verbal skills, she imagines herself in the role of a lecturer, trainer or coach in the hospitality and relationships field.

Nino Okujava

Nino Okujava was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University faculty of treatment. She began her career in Zhordania Reproduction Institute where she worked as doctor-geneticist for several years. The period served as the basis for her present work – treatment of couples without children. She worked as the Deputy Director of Neostudia Company where she got great experience in terms of organization, working and management. In 2009 she decided to found a company together with Lika Chkhonia which represents the companies producing medical equipment and materials in Georgia.

With the step Nino returned the medical field. At present Nino is the Deputy Director or Reproart clinic. According to her it is very important to like a business you do, set a target and consistently follow the plan for its implementation. According to her the greatest achievement in her career was foundation of the Reproart clinic including its Kutaisi and Batumi branches. She feels very happy to be involved in the kind deeds the clinic serves to – providing couple with no children with treatment and birth of a new life. Nino’s future plans are still connected with Reproart. She plans to expand the business and assist more families inside and outside Georgia. She wants Georgia to say its word as one of the best countries in terms of infertility treatment. The clinic slogan is as it follows: ‘Feel the new heartbeat!’

Tamar Daushvili

Tamar Daushvili was enrolled at Tbilisi State University in 1982 on the faculty of Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics. Her specialty was the Theory of Statistics and Probability. After graduating from TSU she was employed in Hydrotechnics and Melioration Institute. Afterwards, Tamar engaged in the family business together with her sister Irma Daushvili. The business is now famous with the name Dio. The latter is a successful company. Tamar worked almost on all posts starting with that of a consultant. As she says the company employees grew and developed together with the business requirement. Besides the experience they got necessary qualification education by means of passing different courses. The company is successful today as a result of hard work, fair approaches, development and desire of progress. Tamar supposes that hard work is the reason for her success as well as necessary condition. In hard times and critical moments she tried to focus not only the mistake but its rapid improvement. This is the manner she uses while solving problems at work as well as in private life. The Dio Company offers more than 60 types of product and services to their consumers. Tamar manages the Company finances. The goal of the company is to create the best database of managerial and financial information and make marketing and financial forecasts as a result.

Tamar Losaberidze

Member of Business Leaders Federation ‘Women for Tomorrow”, Tamar Losaberidze is the Safe Coin Company CEO. Safe Coin is an international company purchasing and selling a crypto-currency in Georgia. At the same time she is a representative of a consultation company. In 2012-2014 she worked as the supervisor of the Gulf Operations Department head. Creation of the operations and telephone department in the Gulf Company is related with Tamar’s name. Tamar is experienced in terms of participation in diferent international projects. In 201-2016 Tamar was a business consultant in JSC Swiss Capital where she established the call center of the company.

Tamar Mikiashvili

Starting with the year of 2011 Tamar works as the oil company Gulf financial manager. In 2012 she became a member of JSC Elit Electronics supervisory board. In 2008-2011 she was the financial director at Alex Development Georgia.Tamar enjoys 14-year experience of working on managerial positions in different companies. She conducted lectures at Technical University of Georgia as an invited lecturer in 2008-2009. In 2000-2004 she was a member of Youth Parliament of Georgia. Within the framework of the project she was involved in the legislative process at different levels. She took part in various conferences and engaged in different projects carried out by cooperation with NGOs. Since 2013 Tamar has been a co-founder and managing partner of the New Vision communication company. The company has been successfully operating at the communication market for already five years, offering different software services to the users. Starting with 2018 she is a co-founder of the B&B company. The Company owns vinery in Racha and is mainly involved in the fields of winery and tourism.  In 2006 Tamar was awarded GTU Master degree in Management. She has also passed different courses including international accounting, audit and financial management including ACCA.

Anano Dodelia

Anano Dodelia was graduated from Tbilisi State University in 2014 with Film Direction specialty. In 2016-2017 she passed advertising and graphic design certification course at GIPA. Her work experience include direction of documentaries in GDS TV company in 2011-2017. Starting with 2016 she works as a co-founder and creative director of the Advan advertising company. As Anano says her success is a result of great interest and affection to the work as well as unimaginably hard work, creative reasoning and imagination skill. She assesses ADvan foundation as the most importan success in her career. The ADvan team includes young, experienced, highly-motivated and creative people with impressive experience of shooting films, documentaries and promotion videos. The advertising campaign is mainly aimed at establishment of new, innovative trends in promotion as well as advertisement availability. At the moment she is intensively involved in the ADvan activity and thinks of ideas, plans campaigns, directs promo videos and cares for the company future plans and development. She cannot imagine herself without the company. Anano wants the company to be ranked among the top three advertising companies in Georgia, cross its borders and provide shooting seriers, films and promo videos for different companies throughout Georgia.

Anastasia Udalova

Anastasia Udalova is the Director of a successful project in Georgia named – Tbilisi Hills Golf and Residences. The high-standard golf residence at Krtsanisi is being expanded. It will be established as a small town shortly.  Anastasia started working as the Bank hall administrator when she was only 1. After graduation from school she engaged in commercial diplomacy. Afterwards she made her childhood dream come true and was enrolled at the faculty of law.  Starting with the first year she worked in one of the best law offices in the city. On the second course she started studying in another University to study psychology. While studying MA she worked as Assistan Mayor of Riga and undertook to manage the advertising campaign of the largest political coalition of the country. Anastasia headed the roads provision governmental project for seven years where 1600 people were employed. The successful lady works in Tbilisi at present and plans to settle here. An active lifestyle and hard work represent the main precondition for success from her point of view. In general, Tbilisi Hills tries to establish the lifestyle in Georgia that is familiar for Europeans – including clean environment, greenness and minimalism. Tbilisi Hills Golf&Residenses – is a new and unique project without any analogue througo the Georgian real estate market. The project was fully supported by Tbilisi City Hall. Only high-quality, eco-friendly materials were applied during construction. Tbilisi Hills Golf&Residences – represents a unique place in Georgia where it is possible to live in the vicinity of the noisy Tbilisi center in harmony with nature. The project general conception may be called ‘Harmony with Nature and One’s Self’. This is one of the first real estate projects in Caucaus with every single planned detail: the combination of unique ecological conditions, European standards and infrastructure created for active sports or social life.  Tbilisi Hills is equipped with 18-hole professional golf field. The complex occupies 110 hectare in total being in full compliance with European standards and is ready to host international tournaments.

Ani Todua

Ani Todua was educated in Tbilisi State University at the faculty of Economy and Business. She launched her career in 2005 in one of the banks where she worked for seven years. Afterwards she cooperated with the Gras Savoye Georgia team from the day of its incorporation that was renamed as Willis Towers Watson 4 years later. Ani has been the Company financial manager for already 7 years. She supposes that her success was caused by her highest sence of responsibility. Willis Tower Watson represents an insurance broker company operating for more than 100 years on the world market. For her it was a big challenge to move to the insurance field from the bank sphere. Despite the Company is very experienced it launched operation almost from scratch in Georgia and Ani grew and developed together with it. As she declares the years she spent in Willis Towers Watson provided her with great experience and knowledge and in turn she also contributes to the Company development that can be assessed as a successful and distinguished achievement. She imagines and foresees herself still in the financial field in the future while her future plans still apply to the company development.

Ekaterina Shavgulidze

Ekaterina Shavgulidze works as the chief investment officer at BGEO Group investment business holding company –Georgian Capital. Prior to being appointed as the head of the investment and business development group she headed the group of relations with investors and financing. Ekaterina joined the company staff in 2011 as the health services CEO. Before being employeed in Georgian Capital Ms Shavgulidze occupied the Asociated Financial Director’s post in Great Britain at the Astra Zeneca Company. She worked on financial projects throughout east Europe in the company an occupied the senior financial officer’s post at the Company Kazakhstan branch. Ekaterina Shavgulidze was awarded Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the European School of Management in Georgia while she earned Master’s degree at Wharton Business School in terms of finances and entrepreneurship.

Ketevan Gognadze

Ketevan Gognadze was graduated from TSU faculty of law in 1997. Her career experience and development began in 1997 in Georgia and still lasts. The experience includes different courses, certificates, awards, seminars and publications. She has been Director General of Georgian Jewelery Zarapxana Company since 2016. She supposes that a person should work hard, follow the target, develop, be innovative and scrupulous to details, focus on the results and think positively. Each step of her career is distinguished in terms of its significance and is especially interesting according to its stages and scales. For example the judiciary reform implemented by the Council of Justice conducted when Ketevan was the supervisor, Absolute Bank, that was the first U.S. Bank in Georgia and established the plastic visa cards system in Georgia for the first time, etc. Besides,  the GIOC-implemented largest project of Baku-Supsa-Ceyhan should be inevitably underlined in her career, etc. She started managing the Zarapxana team in 2016. Starting with the period the company strategic direction and goals were changed. For her, as the Company head, well-managed and consistent production cycle, improved service standard and efficieny, maintenance and reinforcement of trustful and well-known reputation are the main priorities.

Maia Chikhladze

Maia Chikhladze was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. She is paediatrician by profession. She is a doctor of medicine. In 1997 she started working in the 2nd medical institution as Deputy Director. In parallel she taught paediatry. Afterwards she incorporated a medical college. Starting with 2007 she is a co-founder and Deputy Director at Social College Panatsea. The college mission implies preparation of qualified, competent and competitive specialist with professional education, being compatible to the modern market requirements. Maia’s success was caused by the circumstance that her education and practice all totally link with medical sphere.

According to her hard work, care for constant development and non-resistance to obstacles/challenges represent a step towards success. The field where she works permanently developms. Her involvement in the National Council of Vocational Development, membership of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Georgia’s Employers and many other circumstances caused the Panatsea College success and leadership on the market. At the same time she is a meber of many associations or council, in particular: founder and vice president of private colleges association, member of the National Council of Vocational Education, member of the board of Georgia’s association of employers, member of the national council of nurses’ work development. She imagines himself still in the field of education and plans to develop the business by means of assistance from foreign partners.As a result of hard work she has her own business that requires a lot of energy but gives her positive power every day.

Lika Chkonia

Lika Chkhonia got education at Tbilisi State Univerity, faculty of Biology, specialty of Biophysicist. Afterwards she passed the higher education level at Johns Reproductive Medicine Institute, specialty- Embriology. She started her career at USA. Initially she worked at Mount Saynai medical center. Afterwards she continued working at In Vitro fertilization clinic that represented a significant experience for her.

She says her success is related with deep knowledge. Her activity requires permanent involvement, professionalism and hard work. Continuing update of knowledge and honesty represent the required conditions for achieving success in her field. Like feels most happy when seeing unhopeful patients having child thanks to her. Foundation of a clinic was the most important moment in her career. Georgian-American Clinic Reproart was opened in July, 2012. Treatment and study of all types of infertility is her main work. In Vitro fertilization method is one of the leading directions. The clinic service includes all aspects related with male and female reproductive health. The clinic Director Lika Chkhonia has 30-year experience of working in the field in Georgia and 8-year experience at the U.S. In Vitro fertilization clinics. Despite the high workload Lika finds time for her family and child studying in the United States. She plans to expand her business in the future. She wants to live in a peaceful and successful country to avoid her child from staying abroad in order to enjoy success.

Maia Makhatadze

Maia Makhatadze is General Manager of the Cron Palace Tbilisi hotel. She has 15-year experience of working in the hotel business. At present Maia is amember of the Business Leaders’ Federation ‘Women for Tomorrow”. She wants to share her knowledge with other women and support their economic strength. Maia Makhatadze is historian by profession. Her career in the hospitality industry was launched at Tbilisi Marriot hotel in 2002.

In different periods of time she worked as the assistant director, leading hostess. Afterwards he was appointed as a monitor at Courtyard Marriot. Here the significant period begins in her career. At the same time she worked as a consultant throughout the world, helped hotels with problems and participated in opening of large complexes. After the Marriot network she worked with different brands. In 2014 she continued working at Cron Palace Tbilisi and became General Manager in several months. Nowadays, Maia Makhatadze is a realized and successful manager. The year of 2018 was found to be especially successful for the Cron Palace hotel as well as its General Manager.  On November 10 the hotel was named the most luxurious hotel throughout the world at the Worl Hotel Awards ceremony. The hotel was awraded due to its refined environment, design and high-quality service. The hotel owner and General Manager Maia Makhatadze also gained a significant award – The General Manager of the Year in Eastern Europe. According to Ms Maia, the international recognition has increased her and hotel personnel’s motivation and wish to work hard.

Maia Tsereteli


Maia Tseretei was graduated from Tbilisi State University Western European Languages and Literature faculty in 1990. In 1997 he was enrolled at the faculty of law in the same university. Her career began prior to becoming a student and during the years of studying.

She was the Deputy Dean of Georgian-Greek University on the English Language and Literature Faculty, afterwards at the American Council (American Council for Education & Language Study)program assistant.  From 1995 to 2001 she worked as the Assistant Attachee at the U.S. Department of Justice and Assistant Consul in the U.S. Embassy.  In 2001 she moved to the Marriot International office as Manager of Human Resources for preparatory works to open Marriot and Courtyard hotels. She became the Courtyard Hotel Manager for Operations and maintained the position of both hotels HR resources. She was the manager of Courtyard hotel in 2007-2009.In 2009 she founded a company together with the U.S. partner and successfully worked in the tourism field in direction of hotel management.


According to him the most successful stages in her career were as it follows: co-authorship of Georgia’s 2015-2025 national stategy for tourism, introduction of the Marriot International network in Batumi on two projects (Courtyard and Marriot), success of the legal employment program for Georgians in Dubai, gaining a license for management of Doha and Abu-Dhabi, as well as Marriot hotels at the Georgian territory and preparation of a textbook in the hospitality business.

At present, she heads two companies operating in tourism in terms of employment, trainings and hotel management. At the same time she is an EBRD consultant for hotel business, GIZ consultant for hotel business and vocational education, ETF expert in tourism, member of the tourism advisory board, member of the hotels and restaurants confederation council, head of private employment agencies, member of a supervisory board of small and average enterprises association. Besides, she is an owner and manager of the Oranemnt Express café. She imagines herself in the education, tourism and legal fields, in terms of consultation and development direction.

Manana Tsiramua

Manana Tsiramua enjoys diverse education: she is a pianist, classical music teacher, critic of Georgian arts. She spent the years of pratical education in Petersburg, Hermitage. She worked in a gallery of arts in Moscow and was one of its founders. At the same time she kept in toucj with Tbilisi – worked as a journalist for Moambe, 1st channel, and wrote articles on Georgian fine arts in newspaper 24 Hours and different media outlets. She continued studying in GIPA after returning to Georgia. She simultaneously worked for Caucasus Travel regular tours in Tbilisi. She was a guide. The new world –travelling in Georgia – replaced all her previous activities and gained dominance. Today, Manana Tsiramua is CEO of the Georgian Holiday tourist company. The company has several significant directions: travel for business and tourism purposes, individual and group tours in Georgia, family tour packahes and short visits, long-term tours and group packages for partner companies. Ms Manana’s functions include identification of organizational domestic and external policy, decision making and monitoring of current developments. As tourism is a complex field, she is involved in permanent connection with the work that directly depends on it – new digital technologies or printed media, trainings, passengers safety issues, topics on environment protection and pollution. She supposes that all fields representatives should shortly engage in caring for ecology issues. She plans to get intensively involved in the rural tourism development and supporting affairs. The world tourism improvement, increasing farmers’ involvement and establishment and popularization of tradition of having holidays in developed, prosperous villages represent Manana’sfuture plans.

Mariam Gamkrelidze

Mariam Gamkrelidze is a student of the Tourism Faculty at Caucasus University. Her career is still just beginning but she has already achieved the first important success at the age of 18- as she wanted to be successful and independent. The business lunched with 100$ together with her friend is turning more and more serious. According to her, team spirit and good partner are very significant for achieving success. By means of the hard work, Mariam and her partners managed to bring international brand bracelets in Georgia and turned them into a trend shortly. The Mali 2 Company has recently signed an agreement with NOOSA AMSTERDAM which produces high-quality accessories and is very loaded in terms of its content. Starting with December 18, 2018 it is possible to buy the NOOSA accessorie. Only bracelets are available now but more products are planned to be imported shortly. New brand named Eskizi is also being introduced at the Georgian market, creating women clothes. This is a new hobbie of Mariam and her colleagues. Studying and working, Mariam passes different courses and supposes she has still many to learn. She loves the tourism field and plans to inevitably continue working in this direction. Besides, Mariam plans to gain her Master degree in Hotel Management abroad, but at the moment she finds most important to develop the launched business and think of export.

Nino Nadiradze

Nino Nadiradze is the Deputy General Manager of one of the distinguished hotels in Tbilisi – Cron Palace. Nino got education at Tbilisi State University. She was graduated from Tourism faculty but got practical experience and skills while working at the Cron Palace hotel. She showed interest in the hospitality industry when she was a student as she started learning front desk. This was her first contact with the industry. Her career began at Cron Palace as the hostess. Afterwards, there were bookings, finances. At present she is the Assistant General Manager. According to her, the love of one’s own business is the main precondition for progress. It was the reason for causing a fact that she works on a highly responsible position despite her young age. Present situation on market represents the key challenge in her work that should be overcome by all hotels. She thinks a one should permanently search for innovations and her greatest challenge is this – searching for an innovation intensively. The year of 2018 was especially successful for all Cron Palace personnel including Nino. On November 10, on Bali Island the hotel was awarded in the nomination ‘The Most Luxurious hotel in the World’’, at the World Hotel Awards ceremony. The refined environment, design and high-quality servicebecame the reson for which the hotel got the award. Hotel owner and General Manager Maia Makhatadze was also awarded a prize in the nomination – General Manager of the Year in Eastern Europe. The Deputy General Manager of the hotel remarks that the important success made the hotel employees with joy and enthusiasm. Nino plans to still continue working in this field as she even cannot imagine herself in any different spheres. She wants to gain as much knowledge as possible and accumulate experience to overcome the challnges her profession offers.

Rusudan Telia

Rusudan Telia is a psychologist. She was graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Rusudan is the Ericsson International University certified coach. After graduation she started working as an interviewer for research projects. Marketing researches represented a totally new topic in 90ies and the field happened to be very interesting for her. Therefore she decided to start working in a research company (IPM) as the research projects manager and spent 7 years there. While working on the position she was involved in business and social projects and practically studied how researches are planned, how data are accumulated and analyzed. She also got to know with international experience.

After IPM she was an independent expert, research consultant. She worked for the international organizations such as: Eurasian Foundation, Open Society – Georgia, Save the Children, etc. In 2002, together with her friends she founded the ACT company where she occupied different positions: manager of analytical department, head of the department for social researches, director of operations.  In 2014 she became the ACT Georgia CEO. In this period ACT crossed the country borders and already had two daughter companies – ACT Azerbaijan and ACT Kazakhstan. Today, ACT is the largest research and consultation company and carries out its projects in Eastern Europe, Asia and Afria. According to Rusudan Telia, ACT is the most successful stage and achievement in her career. The company is more well-known today than its certain employees that represents the best example of an institutional development. ACT is the sign of quality in the research and consultation field today.

Tea Kachkachishvili

Tea Kachkachishvili is the head of the RSM Georgia commercial direction. Since its foundation, at all development phases Tea was intensively involved in the Company activity. Starting with 2018, company transition to a new phase made her head the commercial department. RMS Georgia is the sixth member of independent, auditory, tax and consultation service large network company – RSM International.  The RSM global network includes more than 120 countries, up to 800 offices and 43 000 professonals throughout the world.  At present, Tea Kachkachishvili heads the process of the company commercial strategy elaboration, establishment of respective action plan and implementation management. Besides, she ensures hitting the target rates set out in accordance with the strategic plans, sales and profitability. She also analyses competitors, studies the market and regularly identifies existing trends.  She also studies new directions and service potential, development, manages sales network, conducts complex relationships with important clients of the company, establish and maintain long-term beneficial relations with them.  In addition, she coordinates planning and implementation of marketing and PR activities. RSM Georgia offers a wide choice of specialized services to business organizations such as audit, taxes, risk management, IFRS, restructurization, transactions, different financial and business resolutions, legal service, real estate management and evaluation. Sub-brand of RSM Georgia ‘RSM Georgia Solutions’ represents a SAO certified partner in Georgia and establishes SAP Business One software solutions (so-called ERP systems), provides their integration and issues respective licenses. In 2018 RSM Georgia developed a new direction for the Georgian market – outsourcing of management that offers complex solutions to business companies.

Nano Tsikhiseli

Member of Business Leaders Federation ‘Women for Tomorrow” Nano Tsikhiseli is the founder and Director General of the Zeten Company. Zeten is a leading company in Robotics and Electronics. ZETEN LLC was founded in 1998. Initially the company operated in micro-electronics field. Its team includes qualified specialists with rich professional experience in scientific engineering technologies and is specialized in projecting digital management systems and micro-processing devices. The key fields of the company operation are: production of small mechanic, electronic and special robotized machines and professional retraining of the company in engineering technologies, supporting their employment; studying, establishing and developing modern, innovative technologies. Nino Tsikhiseli says high professionalism of the employees is the key reason for success. The Company team is permanently oriented on creation of modern, necessary and high-quality production based on high-technologies base. ZETEN is the only company operating in the robotized technologies sphere and conducts practical trainigs as well. Therefore, ZETEn is one of the organizations directly influencing the state economy growth.

Nino Inaishvili

Member of Women for Tomorrow federation team Nino Inaishvili is a founder of InterClinic that is distinguished in Georgia. InterClinic was founded on September 3 in 2002 in Tbilisi when Georgian population was unable to get perfect medical services. From the very beginning the clinic team aimed to offer cosy, family environment to the patients, full examinations, professional consultation and plan proper complex treatment according to international standards. It turned into the tradition throughout the clinic development process. There are many clinics in Georgia, but its personnel’s experience and best specialists make it special throughout the country. All this causes that there are devoted patients that represents the greatest achievement of the clinic. This is why the clinic team is aimed at being novators that remains the main priority in terms of its development strategy.

Elena Ruzgis

Elena Ruzgis is the Marketing Manager for one of the unique projects in Tbilisi named – Tbilisi Hills.

Tbilisi Hills Golf&Residenses – is a new and unique project without any analogue througo the Georgian real estate market. The project was fully supported by Tbilisi City Hall. Only high-quality, eco-friendly materials were applied during construction. Tbilisi Hills Golf&Residences – represents a unique place in Georgia where it is possible to live in the vicinity of the noisy Tbilisi center in harmony with nature. The project general conception may be called ‘Harmony with Nature and One’s Self’. This is one of the first real estate projects in Caucaus with every single planned detail: the combination of unique ecological conditions, European standards and infrastructure created for active sports or social life.  Tbilisi Hills is equipped with 18-hole professional golf field. The complex occupies 110 hectare in total being in full compliance with European standards and is ready to host international tournaments. Tbilisi Hills Golf&Residences is a member of International Golf Association.


Golf tournaments are planned. The tournament will be participated by women. Another one called „senior tournament’’ will also be held. The tournaments will attract a new segment of tourists visiting Georgia. At the same time, Tbilisi Hills marketing and PR specialists will depart for several leading international exhibitions net year to popularize Georgia as a new place for golf and tourism. As Tbilisi Hills marketing manager says, the team pays great attention to establishment of new service standards for tourism as the service field is on the way of its development.

Nino Getsadze

Member of Women for Tomorrow Nino Getsadze was graduated from Georgian-European University in Tourism Management and Hotel Administration. In 2008-2009 she studied in Edu-Plaza and was awarded English Language Upper Intermediate level certificate. In 2014-2015 she attended lessons at Tbilisi Hotel Management International School and got a certificate in hospitality management. She worked as the Batumi Hostel manager in 2009-2010 and Tbilisi Hostel manager in 2010-2011. She has been working at Georgian Holidays as the Assistant Director and Tour Operator. Her functions and duties include: planning the tours, developing new product, relationship with partners, connection with suppliers and organizing information.  The Georgian Holiday company offers brilliant tours to users in Georgia such as daily tours from Tbilisi, cultural holidays and guaranteed tours, adventurous and active holidays, etc.

Georgian Holidays is specialized in organization of group and individual travel packages that includes cultural tours, walking tours, wine and eaters’ tours, combined tours inside and outside Georgia.

The company is oriented on providing impressive, authentic local experience in accordance with the best tourism practice.

Georgian Holidays has been operating at international tourist market since 2006. It has been a GTA member since 2007 while being certified by CBI for participation in different programs and seminars. It is a member of Hefier International (Sustainable Development of Eco-tourism in Black Sea Countries – 2014-15).

Sopio Tkebuchava

Sopio Tkebuchava, member of business leaders federation Women for Tomorrow got higher education in ESM in the field of marketing. Her career started at Promo advertising agency as the project manager. She worked in large companies such as Nikora Trade, Megapolis Classic and Intelect Bank. At present, Sophio works at the Mondelez International Caucasus branch as the trade marketing manager. Her functions and duties include development and refinement of competitive marketing strategies, brand management support for reaching common goals, identification and implementation of the commercial programs mechanisms and content to provide MONDELEZ products availability, appaency and supporting the goals required for the company market share growth.  Besides, Sophio is making budget for all market commercial activities, provides permanent monitoring of budget meeting and efficiently carries out trade marketing programs. She imagines herself still in the marketing field because of wide experience and successful career.

Kim Harms

After her 19-year-old son’s death Kim find her power in reading books regarding genocide victims in Ruanda as the people endured hard times and maintined the wish to continue living. All this inspired Kim to send the library after her son, Eric via Books for Africa that is devoted to gathering, classifying and transportation of books for African children and adults. All this enabled her to thank to the people whose histories gave her the desire of life again. In 2012 Kim visited Ruanda together with her friend, familiarized with the locals’ tragedy visited local schools and libraries and presented books. As Kim remembers, the young students wee very happy to see them, they sand and danced for them. The 8-day trip to Ruanda totally changed the life of Kim and her friend. After returning to the motherland, Pam was focused on searching for micro loans for cooperatives while Kim was oriented to raise funds for libraries and help the students.

Kim is a member of supervisory board of the Women Friendship Delegation organization. The Women Friendship Delegation represents a non-political organization aimed at supporting the women from the U.S. and other countries to make friends with each other and share ideas, knowledge and experience. The delegates were honored to meet with well-known and influential leader women including Indian PM Indira Gandi, Israeli PM Golda Maire, Mother Theresa, first ladies of U.S., Egypt, Syria, Mongolia, Iran and UAE and representatives of royal familis of Bhutan and Kuwait. The delegation is in close cooperation with the U.S. Department of State in order to get all required information.

Irma Varsimashvili

Member of business leaders federation Women for Tomorrow Irma Varsimashvili is the Company Mintrans Director. Herpast work experience includes the period when she was the Director of Happy Family.

Mintrans represents a transport-expedition company operating since 2012. From the day of its foundation the company dynamically develops. Mintrans offers any kind of shipping (air, land, marine, railway) to any country. If required the company carries out broker service that includes preparation of cargos export declarations and resolution of other customs formalities. Besides, Mintrans offers transport-related consultations to the users together with recommendation service. The key principles of the company are: devoted partners, good attitude to clients, fast service and competitive tariffs. Protection of clients’ interests and safe transportation of his/her property is the main priority for the company. Ms Irma and company aim to have as many satisfied users, as possible.

Ketevan Jaoshvili

Member of Women for Tomorrow Ketevan Jaoshvili is a co-founder of the ADvan advertising company. She studied at Caucasus University and was graduated from public governance school. She passed internship at Maestro TV Company while studying at University. She was a first-year student she started working at GDS TV Company in educational TV Progamme GD-pedia. She worked as a journalist for several years. Afterwards she was an anchor in the afternoon program. She supposes that ADvan is her special success on which she spent a lot of time, energy, resource and emotion. According to him it is very difficult to start everything from scratch but the company team spirit and objectives helped them implement all this. Every single day represents success in ADvan. The personnel are no longer unexperienced and have significant goals now.

Video production is the ADvan sphere. Ketevan and her colleagues shoot image videos, promo videos, documentaries… make graphics, the company has added social media management and content, plan campaigns. The company yet has 10 employees. 6 of them are founders. Each employee has his/her own function but the same goal – not to stop development and go ahead. We try to provide the best working environment and we think we are successful as the hired employees say, - the ADvan co-founder states. The main goal for the year of 2019 is entering international market and expansion. The company plans to add employees and double the workload to reach new plans. They know what they want and will not spare neither the time nor energy to succeed. Therefore, the ADvan future seems to be diverse and interesting.

Ketevan Gorgadze

Ketevan Gorgadze is a Director General of the cozy exhibition space “Vere Gallery”, located in one of the most beautiful districts of Tbilisi.

“Vere Gallery” represents the space where many art lovers find the exciting artworks. Many artists have found their own space here.

Ketevan Gorgadze's activities are closely linked to the exhibition space "Vere Gallery" at every stage of the company's development.

In 2001, after graduating the school abroad, Ketevan returned to Georgia and graduated from the Faculty of Law. However, nowadays her work is mostly connected with art. Despite the fact that she is not an Art Critic, this sphere occupies a distinctive place in her life. 

Ketevan not only manages the Gallery, but she is also actively engaged in all the ongoing processes, participates in organizing the exhibitions, takes part in everyday relations with the customers and public or private institutions, etc.

Ketevan believes that Georgian artists have the potential to establish their place in the European market and plans to lead the Gallery’s activities in this direction.

“Vere Gallery” operates in two directions – it represents the exhibition space and the workshop at the same time, however, the workshop itself combines many different functions. Here, the artworks are packed for transportation abroad. It is worth mentioning that the company has gained a huge experience in this direction.

Moreover, the Gallery has already presented a few Georgian artists at China Biennale. After selecting the best one among them, the Gallery will provide the transportation of the artworks to China. 

As for the Future plans, Ketevan still sees herself connected to the Gallery and plans to extend the scope of “Vere Gallery’s” activities and open the branches both in Georgia and abroad.

Natia Todua

Natia Todua, Director General of LTD “DINA”, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University.

Unfortunately, her career started due to the tragic family accident - the sudden death of her father. Natia started leading her father’s business with high motivation and moral responsibility.

Her success was mostly conditioned by the high sense of responsibility, deep love towards the beloved person, who was no longer beside her and the team she had to work with.

Natia has been the Director General of LTD “DINA” since 2005. The Company was established in 1996 by her father, Roman Todua. The main activities of the Company include serial production of details of special purpose, made of various materials such as metal, rubber, etc.

In Post-Soviet space, the Company’s production is the only one with such a huge assortment of products and a wide variety of materials.

Ltd. "Dina" produced the parts of escalators and trains of the subways in Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Baku, such as escalator handles, stages with a complete setup, escalator chains, rubbers, brake pads, shock absorbers, etc. Also, metal constructions for JSC "Georgian Railway". The loyal customers of the company include companies operating in the energy sector, power plants, Batumi and Poti Ports, "Socar-Georgia Gas", "HeidelbergCement Georgia" and many others.

The Company is well-equipped technically and is staffed by highly professional employees, which ensures offering a complete technological cycle to the customers: if necessary, developing a constructive part, selecting and producing the materials, producing the stamps and other additional devices necessary for creating the details, producing details according to the highest standards and technological regulations, also, proper internal laboratory examination of the received products.

The Director General of the company considers further diversification of the products to be a necessary condition for future development.

Tamar Antidze


Tamar Antidze, the Marketing Manager of the company “Socar”, studied at New York University, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Initially, she studied International Relations and Economics. Later, she decided to obtain a Master's Degree in International Management. Tamar is delighted that she managed to get diverse knowledge in many directions, as in today’s world of globalisation business, public and private sectors are so closely connected that it is difficult to achieve success if the one develops oneself only in one specific sphere.

Tamar started her career as an intern at the company “Socar”. She has always been interested in Marketing. Communication with others has been the main component of the perfect work for her. After completing the internship at “Socar”, Tamar was employed by the company.

Tamar believes that the main measure of the success of her work is how much benefit the society gets from it. "SOCAR" gives her an opportunity to feel realised and helpful for the people.

“SOCAR” serves any type of car. The employees of the Company strive the petrol stations of Socar to be an unchangeable place for the people using any kind of transport, the place where the customers will be able not only to buy petrol, diesel, or gas but also to set up the car, wash it, buy the accessories, charge the electric cars, etc. Tamar, as Marketing Manager of the Company, is responsible to take care of all the above-mentioned things. 

“Socar” is a multinational company. It entered the Georgian market in 2006, and the first petrol station opened in 2008. Nowadays, more than 1500 people are employed in the company. SOCAR provides newly equipped petrol stations; offers quality service and products in every region of Georgia.

The Company is especially proud of its high corporate social responsibility, which has been developed in 2018 when a long-term CSR strategy including 5 main directions was introduced. These directions are:

1.         Protecting the environment

2.         Supporting the youth

3.         Safety

4.         Women’s empowerment

5.         Realising the rights of persons with disabilities and elderly

Marekh Gvaramadze

Marekh Gvaramadze, a member of Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”, graduated from Tbilisi State University, a faculty of International Relations and obtained Master’s Degree at the same university, in Public Policy and Administration.

She has been participating in various special programs for personal and professional development in Holland and the United States.

Since 2008 she became a member of the Senate of European Youth Parliament and began to participate both in local and international sessions across Europe, including Ukraine, France, Belgium, and other countries. Soon she became the head of regional and international sessions, in which hundreds of young people were involved.

In 2011, together with her friends, she founded the Georgian Youth Parliament, the largest-scaled youth platform in the country that united thousands of young people and brought changes and differences to their consciousness.

At the same time, she began to develop the cooperation with the representatives of the international organizations in Georgia, including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the South Caucasus and the project "Democracy starts with you", the UN Development Program in Georgia and "the Research of Sustainable Development Goals in Georgia," the US Embassy in Georgia and other international institutions.

In 2019, a new stage began in her career, when she was offered to get involved in the tourism and hospitality industry. The Corporation "Kart-Veli" will unite 3 main directions: development of wine, tourism and hospitality industries in Georgia.

At this stage, Marekh is the president of Kant’s Academy. The Academy is the first non-formal educational platform in Georgia, which brought Western standards in the country’s educational direction, became a leader in this sphere and was able to acquire the name abroad too. The Academy also combines summer and international programs and is an active member of UN modeling networks worldwide.

Kant’s Academy is distinguished by a highly qualified team consisted of young, motivated and charismatic leaders, therefore, the main function of the executive branch and the President of the organization in this process is to motivate the team and take care of their development, which is an important basis for their common success.

In 2019, the educational platform starts the introduction of exciting innovations along with major programs. It is noteworthy that the basis of official cooperation with the Laboratory of Future, it starts teaching future professions to schoolchildren, which will be carried out at the specially created laboratory base. Also, from 2019, Kant’s Academy establishes regional centers in Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Batumi, where the main programs of the Academy will be implemented.

In 2019, "Kant’s Academy" and City Batumi will host the second International Model UN Conference in Georgia, which will bring together about 300 delegates from 20 countries. The conference will be attended by the official guests, such as the Executive Director of Model UN International Association from New York. The representatives of the international and local government institutions will also be involved in it.

From 2019, Kant's Academy will introduce Model UN clubs at schools - one of the most modern non-formal education programs in the US, and participants of this program will be involved in international forums in New York, Geneva, Vienna, Paris, and other cities.

This year, the Kant’s Academy will also launch the parents’ and teachers' networking program aimed at equipping the important parties of the educational process with modern communication skills.

Ketevan Krebser-Tsikoridze

Ketevan Krebser-Tsikoridze, a member of the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”, graduated from the Faculty of Western European Languages and Literature in French Language and Literature of Tbilisi State University.

Her career started in Switzerland. Mainly, she was focused on charitable projects. Ketevan founded the "Society for Supporting Georgians”, which implemented charitable projects in Georgia through funds attracted in Switzerland.

At this stage, Ketevan is a member of the International Women’s Club Inner Wheel in Switzerland, namely, in the city of Schaffhausen. She was the President of the above-mentioned club, what itself was the first case in the club’s history. The members of the club are women, whose cooperation is based on friendship, common respect, and support.

The main direction of Ketevan's activities is charity, but she also has her own business, in particular, the internal wiring of buildings; providing them with gas, water, heating, and ventilation. The materials are Swiss, distinguished by high quality and stability.

For Ketevan, the exceptionally important project during her career was bringing hearing aids to hearing-impaired children and translating books about their problems. Also, she distinguishes the project, which provided the Martvili Clinic with the material and technical base. Through the help and support of Swiss doctors, the Martvili clinic "Medicare" was equipped by various medical devices.

Besides, the implementation of the educational project, within the framework of which Ketevan took two local students from Martvili to study at the local school in Switzerland for a couple of weeks. Subsequently, a Swiss student attended classes at Martvili School.

Currently, Ketevan is concentrated on the elderly house. This project will be implemented in Samegrelo. Presumably, thanks to this house, in 2020, about 16 elderly will have a peaceful, clean and warm life.

Since Ketevan's sphere of activity and the main aspiration is charity, she plans to further develop business in the future to have the opportunity to invest more financial resources in this direction.

Tamar Kerdzaia

Tamar Kerdzaia, a member of the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”, graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University – the Faculty of Law and later obtained a Master's Degree in the same field there. Then she obtained Ph.D. Academic Degree at the New Vision University. Subsequently, she conducted research works at the University of Munster, Germany. Tamar is a scholar of medical law.  She received a scholarship for academic excellence by the German Government. She is the author of the scientific publications in various directions.

Tamar has passed the qualification exams of the lawyers and successfully led a law firm in the past.

She has also passed the qualification exams of the judge, however, she has not continued her activities in this direction.

Simultaneously, she is an assistant professor at the European University, where she holds the academic position of the Vice-Rector. In parallel, she is a coach in various organizations, including the Georgian Lawyers Association, where Tamar conducts trainings for lawyers.

Tamar is the founder of several companies operating in different directions, including an eatery, the aesthetic center, etc.

It is noteworthy that Tamar started working at an early age. As she recalls, she was only 13 years old when signed the first "contract" with her parents' company and enthusiastically started pursuing her goal - to be independent.

This decision greatly influenced her future success, as she developed the necessary skills.

At the age of 18, Tamar already owned the first business - aesthetic center "Primavera", which gained the leading position in its sphere throughout Georgia. Subsequently, due to the busy schedule, Tamar realized that for her, as a student, it would be better to dedicate all the time to study. Additionally, she felt that her vocation was different because she wrote detectives from childhood and wanted to become a lawyer.

Her goal was fulfilled after graduating from the university, - Tamar opened a law company where she was the Chair of Arbitration. Then she continued her studies for obtaining the Master's degree. The next stage was employment in Berlin and Italy. Over time, she participated in various trainings and conferences, which also influenced and improved her professionalism.

Tamar is actively involved in the educational field and conducts lectures for students. She got interested in being a lecturer a few years ago. Due to the high interest towards her lectures, Tamar was offered to partially connect her career with the university. In the beginning, she was the Head of the Law Program. Soon, she got the new proposal and the management of the entire university was handed over to Tamar. After acquiring a new field, Tamar gained a grant for research activities from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and headed to Munster State University, Berlin.

In 2018, Tamar received an offer from another university; she returned to Georgia and became a member of the European University team where she currently holds the Vice-Rector's academic position. Relations with students turned out to be very interesting for her. As she claims, it is a great honor and joy to feel like a part of people who spread education and give their knowledge and experience to students.

"Without education, our country cannot exist and cannot be developed. Accordingly, I work in the field where I should be," Tamar said. At this stage, her future plans are completely related to educational sphere and university, but in the future, she does not exclude changing the field of activities, because it is the most important for her to do valuable and beneficial work.

Tamar considers that the main reason behind her successful activities is that she properly determines the main priorities and develops necessary skills for implementation of future plans, both in private life and career.

Time management is also quite an important factor. It greatly helps Tamar to maintain a balance between family and career.

Ada Nanikashvili

Adelaida Nanikashvili, a member of the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”, graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, a faculty of German studies (German language and literature) in 1998. After graduation, she continued her studies in the same field in Switzerland.

In 2007, she underwent 8 months certificate program in marketing and management in Switzerland, at the University of Zurich.

According to her own example, Adelaida once again proves that opinions about “men’s” and “women’s” professions are often stereotypical and women can be successful in every field they choose.

Since 2014, Adelaida has been managing inert material processing company "AMC”. As a result of processing ballast, the company produces various fractions of sand and gravel. The company provides road construction companies, concrete batching plants and construction companies with the processed fractions.

As she claims, despite the fact that her business seems like a “manly” profession at first glance, it is quite interesting and since her appointment, the company uses the practice of gaining natural resources responsibly, which is a very rare step in this field, and promotes the improvement of the image of the mining industry.

In 2008, she founded Travel Agency “Travel Tour”, which has been operating as one of the successful travel companies in the Georgian market. 

Thanks to the proper management, Adelaida perfectly manages to work in two completely different fields. Each new stage in her career is a kind of new challenge and a possibility to be more successful.

She does not agree with the opinion that women having a successful career have no time for private life. As she claims, as a result of the proper determination of the priorities, she manages to devote enough time both to her work and family.

At this stage, Adelaida feels herself as fully realized in both spheres of activities. However, she does not exclude studying other interesting fields for the future.

Natia Janelidze

Natia Janelidze, Chief Investment Officer of Gazelle Finance and the member of the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”, graduated from the Technical University of Kutaisi, the faculty of International Business. She continued her studies on Master’s level at the Faculty of Business Administration in the USA, the University of Missouri-Columbia.

After completing her studies in the US, Natia returned to Georgia and obtained a Ph.D. academic degree in Finance and Banking.

Her career began in 2000, at the age of 20, at TBC Bank, where Natia held the position of Corporate Credit Officer, giving her great experience. She then was promoted to be the Head of the group.

After completing her MBA in USA in 2005, Natia again received an offer from "TBC Bank" and continued her activities as the Head of newly established Small and Medium Business Development Department. Following the expansion of the Department, she was promoted to the position of Head of Corporate Sales Department at TBC Bank.

In 2006, the group "Societe Generale" entered Georgia. In 2007, Natia received an offer from them. She became the Head of the Small and Medium Credit Department in the bank.

During the 15-year banking career, Natia's activities were mostly related to the management of Small and Medium Business departments and Corporate Departments, but sometimes the spheres of activity slightly changed. For three years she served as the Head of the Quality Department, which included coordinating branches across the branches in the country.

In 2012, Natia again returned to the sphere of the Small and Medium Business.

The next step was becoming the coordinator of the bank's one of the largest client companies as the bank's representative.

In 2014, Natia's family moved to the United Kingdom, so she had to leave the bank. After returning to Georgia and received a new offer from the company "Gazelle Finance", which was still in the process of formation.

"Gazelle Finance" is an international investment fund whose main goal is to create a better financial environment for the small and medium businesses, capable entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. It is presented in Georgia as well as in Armenia with the hub in Tbilisi, Georgia. The fund is financed by American, Dutch and Georgian major international financial institutions.

As for "Gazelle Finance" investors, they are the leading international financial organizations operating in the field of development and one of the largest state financial institutions in Georgia, such as OPIC; FMO; Dutch Good Growth Fund and Georgian "Partnership Fund".

Since 2015, Natia has been the company's Chief Investment Officer, which was a radically new direction for her. The approaches and products of the Fund are diverse and the funding with similar mechanisms is relatively new for Georgian reality.

Besides commercial purposes, "Gazelle Finances" emphasizes social responsibility, including the promotion of employment, environment protection, increased export and promotion of female entrepreneurs. The Foundation seeks to have as many companies as possible staffed with successful women in its portfolio. The Foundation plans to bring one of the world's well-known successful American women in Georgia, the author of the Bestseller called "CEO Next Door”, within the framework of the partnership with the Business Leaders’ Federation “Women for Tomorrow”. As it is planned, she will hold a Master Classes for customer companies of "Gazelle Finance", and the second event will be dedicated to female entrepreneurs. She will share her knowledge and experience with them.

However, such an event will not be a single one. Fund plans to have such ind of event permamnently within a year to encourage and support women entrepreneurs.







Nino Suknidze

Nino Suknidze was appointed as General Counsel of Bank of Georgia in December 2017. Nino has
worked as a Legal Director at international law firm DLA Piper Georgia for several years after serving as a Senior Associate at the same firm. Before joining Bank of Georgia she worked as Counsel at an international law firm Dentons Georgia. Prior to starting her career at a law firm, Nino served as a legal advisor to financial director of United Energy Distribution Company of Georgia and senior legal advisor at Georgian representative office of PA Consulting Group Gmbh.

Nino has experience of working with Georgian non-governmental organizations on various legal projects and she has worked as a foreign legal intern with various law firms in the US and the Netherlands. Nino obtained her LLM (cum laude, Nuffic scholar) in Business and Trade Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She graduated with honors from faculty of International Law and International Relations of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and obtained qualification of a lawyer and a specialist of international law.

Emily Channon

Emily Channon joined Gazelle Finance in October 2017 and serves as Operations Officer. Emily brings over 6 years of diverse financial experience with multiple companies, including auditing, investor relations, financial modeling, financial analysis, commercial banking and corporate banking.

Prior to joining Gazelle Finance, Emily worked at EBRD in the Manufacturing & Services team, as an Intern Analyst. At EBRD, she worked on several projects in Georgia and Azerbaijan with a total investment up to $50M, where she contributed as a project team member and was involved in project and covenant compliance monitoring, environmental and social compliance, due diligence, preparation of credit review and final review memoranda for direct financing projects and risk sharing projects and creating/updating financial models.

Prior to EBRD, Emily initially worked as an accountant and later as an auditor at Deloitte, which involved the preparation of asset, liability and capital account entries and the audit of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP, agreed upon procedures and due diligence projects.

Emily also worked for JSC Bank Constanta as a Financial Reporting Officer where she prepared monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reports for the bank’s creditors, analyzed the bank’s financial ratios and prepared contracts between the bank and the creditors.

Emily holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Hult International Business School with a concentration in Finance and Management. She successfully sat the F1F9 (FAST) modelling course and is working towards becoming a member of ACCA (she has passed the F1-F5 ACCA papers to date). Bilingual in English and Georgian, Emily also has good working knowledge of Russian.

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