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Women for Tomorrow strives to strengthen the role of women in the process of economic development by creating an empowering network of women business leaders and employing the synergy of collaboration of its members.

We do it through:

• Providing education, development and mentoring for female entrepreneurs and business representatives at every level of leadership

• Advocating for equal opportunities, effective participation, and advancement of female leaders in business
• Empowering women of the region in their business endeavors and supporting them in the development of their careers
• Promoting the idea of women as business leaders and supporting innovative approach in business


​• Right to equality 

• Potential of each individual 

• Achieving success through joint efforts

• Building a better and prosperous society by sharing information, knowledge and experience

• Importance of supporting innovation and new initiatives for driving economic development


• Promote the idea of women as business leaders
• Establish an effective platform for cooperation and networking
• Support women business leaders in the region
• Promote innovative business initiatives
• Advocate for the development and advancement of female business leaders and support their professional pursuits


Women For Tomorrow is committed to diversity and inclusion in our leadership, membership and activities. While supporting exclusively the role of women in business, we seek involvement  of all business owners regardless of gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. Our goal is to represent the full spectrum of women in the business community and to expand their access to leadership.


We support initiatives from women business leaders. The Federation promotes and contributes to innovative business initiatives and assists fostering business startups. We encourage entrepreneurship and women's social engagement and professional growth.

We do this through:


• Promoting women's innovative business ideas
• Helping to get financial support for innovative business ideas
• Connecting women business leaders according to their interests
• Assisting participation in international business exhibitions and other events
• Providing research and analysis

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