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Women for tomorrow strives the strenghten the role of women in the process of economic development by creating an emp...


We support initiatives from women business leaders. The Federation promotes and contributes to innovative business initiatives and assists fostering business startups. We encourage entrepreneurship and women's social engagement and professional growth.


We create efficient advocacy and communications with respective entities. Together we are able to enhance women's role in business by removing economic, social and legal barriers.

Women for Tomorrow

We believe that the success of the organization lies in our current and perspective members of the team.


Nina Kobakhidze

Strong society means an equal society and this vision is shared by the members of our federation, who came

together to contribute to the advancement of policies that foster women’s economic empowerment in Georgia.

Women for Tomorrow is the unified voice of women’s leadership in business and women-owned businesses in

Georgia representing the fastest-growing segment of our economy.

Our main objective is to enhance women’s role in our country’s economic growth and development through supporting our members in pursuing their career goals. Women for Tomorrow is a strategic driver that unites women business leaders, entrepreneurs, top-level managers, young women in leadership and companies involved in mediation with public agencies and representative bodies. 


We carry out advocacy work to put in practice policies that empower and enable women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Together we will be able to enhance women’s economic role by eliminating financial, social and legal barriers. Women for Tomorrow believes that we must find innovative ways to respond to new pressing challenges worldwide and navigate the constantly changing global economy. We bring importance of innovative technologies in everything we do. 

We strive to be a unified engine that drives women’s leadership and offers a platform to help its members excel in their career, make lasting connections, and motivate others. We serve as a bridge between different groups, viewpoints and approaches by creating powerful networks both locally and internationally. 

As a leading organization working on women’s economic empowerment, we have partners, affiliates and supporters from governmental organizations, the media, corporations and non-for-profit organizations that share our vision and support our activities.  


We believe that the key to our success lies in our current and future members willing to combine efforts and work together towards achieving shared goals.


Thank you,

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